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Review: In2Gear Driver Training Grade 5 & 6 Instructors

One thing I've noticed about Surf from having him as my instructor is how his passion for driving and cars perfectly translates into his teaching. He's everything you could wish for in an instructor: knowledgeable, relaxed, proficient, patient, on time and above all enthusiastic. All of these determined qualities in combination gave me gave the confidence to pass first time! I'm very grateful and would recommend to all.

Reviewed by Haris Nimba today

Special Offer:   We can provide 20% to your Organisation or Charity

We can provide 20% to your Organisation or Charity please ask for full details conditions apply.

Added by st george childrens entertainment yesterday

Special Offer:   10 % off for OAP's

10 % off for OAP's

Added by PC Call Out Service yesterday

Special Offer:   Discount

Discounts available to Senior Citizens, New property owners, Members of the Emergency Services and Armed Forces.

Added by Lock'n'Secure Locksmiths yesterday

Special Offer:   10% off quote Scoot

10% off quote Scoot

Added by Platinum Music & Events yesterday

Special Offer:   No Call Out Fee

With Edgware Locksmiths, you pay for the service you receive and the parts used, and that's it. No call out fee.

Added by Edgware Locksmith yesterday

Review: Alliance Home Improvements

WARNING: Be very careful dealing with Alliance Home Improvements Peterborough. As far as we can determine Alliance Home Improvements is not registered with company house and the director, David Jeyes, is not on the electoral role. He uses at least three different addresses, works only for cash and owns nothing. Even his van is in his partner’s name. BE VERY CAREFUL!

Reviewed by Paul Thompson yesterday

Review: in Balham - they don't even have a real website, proper Mickey Mouse operation- My husband suggested I take my watch there on my way to work as the strap had come loose. I ONLY wear it at work. The watch itself was fine, I could still use it, I'd just need to keep it in my coat. The dancing monkey that 'fixed' it took it out to the back and then charged me £3. Warning: cheap = shoddy. I went to put it on & the gold rims inside the face were loose stopping the hands moving. I went back and this little turdstain started shouting at me that I dropped it and was lying, then yelled I was "blacklisted". Oh I'm so upset(!) Get a real job, instead of ripping people off and then spitting your little dummy out when you get caught! And after leaving, the part of the strap he'd "repaired" fell out again. Laughed all the way to work and will be telling EVERYONE who comes to our store to avoid this low life & his jumped-up corner-shop, run by cretinous, knuckle-dragging primates who's IQ's are obviously considerably lower than their ages. My husband took it to a REAL repair shop and they said this fool probably held it with pliers etc and then got abusive having damaged it and got caught! The next time I'm holidaying in the caribbean thanks to my REAL job, I'll remember these pathetic little cretins and all the energy they had to put into their little lies and deceit, just to get £3 from us. It's not my fault these idiots are used to gum ball watches, not anything worth more than £10 (likely their life savings!) or people who don't suffer pathetic fools. Watch out, cowboys - Karma is a b1tch

Reviewed by OSeBlogger eBlogger yesterday