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Sam Tai

im a avid casino player,i enjoy the fun side of playing for a very slim chance of winning good money..but we all know in the long run the casino gets it all and some!! ive been visiting diffrent casinos all round the northwest from leo casino in liverpool to manchester and southport blackpool ,i enjoy all my visits and as a paying playing person,i would think by now paris in blackpool would of got it right,but no...its even gone downhill more, heres how i know,firstly ..its always emty,thats a sign somethings not right here? the food i order from bar menu £7 for a rock solid chicken burger and old fries ,realy poor! chef is no good if he cant make chips let alone burger! my dad has eaten in the main part and told me it was realy bad, cold and staff to slow ! FORT KNOX one of my all time best games to hit uk casino floors is always this at ANY CASINO and you should get a good game @ 40p stake playing about 60/100 over a hour or two.but not sam tai/paris (heres why) i have worked in the arcade management for over 15 years so i know when a top box has been turned of. the 4 progressive jackpots always seem very good in the day -all day? i know this as ive been visiting alot over the last 8 weeks.and its a well knowen fact daytime amounts always low ! and tend to build up at prime time at night! people that play this game,know this....and i only ever try to play in the day for promo and a more relax hour after work.however add the FACT fort knox hardly ever goes up in the day at all ...that would then lead me down the road somethings a foot here? add on top of this game the staff (or lack of staff) along with the old management from paris ! and yoy have a real mess! ming from flash gordon/remember him ? hes at the casino as a dutymanager ive watched this guy ,hes EPIC.thing is he makes a point of making a point! of watching people ...a little too much! a very sly looking thin ill looking person,who is far from a pro. deadwood i beleave ,but add the chubby chap from ozzy! a paris pass manager again this was the right hand man (to the last owner) who realy messed up with that story all over the gazette about fixed tables(add this to the lowest % of payouts on any awps/s.16) and once again more bad leadership to help drag down a sinking ship.sadly i wont be graceing this place anymore ! due to the fact its just good. evryone who plays fortknox talks about how bad paris/sam tai is, NEW MANAGEMENT NEEDID URGENLY. i would advise ...and a fresh idea or two! on the promos. like a real matchplay! to bring people back , i know that i am just a punter in the end. but for me to take time out and write this, that must tell you sam tai has a problem. if maneger of sam tai would any pointers feel free to contact me. fresh staff fresh ideas are needid! to make this as busy as the other 3 that are busy even in the afternoon! regards David

Review Score: 2 Star Rating


The Real China

great food excellent service and verry friendly

Review Score: 4 Star Rating


Muir & Kerr

Just had another wonderful hair cut at Muir and Kerr. Staff were friendly and attentive I would recommend a visit to Muir and Kerr, free easy parking and very experienced staff in a stylish and calm hair and beauty salon.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating


Armani Outlet

Never ever more spend money in this shop. They pretend to be top brand shop but quality of the clothes is atrocious. I spend £30 for "Armani" trousers, button fell off after 3days, stitching came undone and the material started to fray after another week. Mr.Armani should send his workers in China, they could learn to make far better quality clothes for fracture of price. At least we see why China taking us over. Big dissapointment :-(((

Review Score: 1 Star Rating


Kerry Bradley - Kerry's School of Motoring

I was worried about driving when I first started however with Kerry I always felt comfortable and at ease! You're always able to have a laugh with Kerry and she's amazing at making you feel confident and in control, something I struggled with. I couldn't recommend Kerry enough to people wanting to learn how to drive, she's a brilliant instructor and you'll achieve great results. Thankyou Kerry! :)

Review Score: 5 Star Rating


West Cumberland Farmers Ltd

Once again I would like to express my satisfaction with the plant products at this store. Everything is so well organised and the staff are friendly, helpful and pleasant Please ensure that you pass my thanks on to the staff. Cynthia Macpherson.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating


Atech Support Ltd

I chose Atech Support to support my business with their outsourced IT services 2 years ago. Their team's attention to detail has been incredible and I can't recommend them enough!

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

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