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We will help you Create Strategic Plans that Work for Your Business

A good business strategy sets the direction and vision for the future of your business. Strategy development and planning can, however, be a complex and frustrating process for the people involved.

This is where we come in. As specialists in all aspects of business strategy and planning, we work with you and your management team to identify and agree short, medium and long terms goals and aspirations for the future of your business.

With additional expertise in marketing, project management and corporate branding, we are uniquely qualified to not only help you develop a strong business strategy but also help you create and, if required, implement well-defined strategic plans that work for your business.

In addition, we can help you to create and implement measurement systems (including the Balanced Scorecard) that will help monitor the progress and effectiveness of your strategic plans to help keep them on track.

No matter what size your business is or what sector you work in, we have the expertise and experience to give your business a strategic advantage.

A Participative Approach to Strategy Development & Business Planning

Obtaining information about your business and its future from the key people in your organisation is a critical part of building a strong strategy. We work closely with these people using group workshops and/or on-to-one discussions to gather their views about the current and future state of your business.

We use highly participative decision support tools and techniques to gain a clear understanding of where your business is today, where you what it to be in the future and what may get in the way.

Emphasis is placed on gaining consensus from the strategy group, rather than compromise. This not only creates a more robust strategy but will also act as a catalyst for positive change and improvement in your business, thereby increasing the likelihood that your strategic plans will succeed.

The information that surrounds the development of business strategy can be complex so we use proven techniques for acquiring, managing and analysing the information. This enables us to identify the building blocks of your business strategy, including issues, actions and outcomes. We use this information to create a strategy model that enables us to work with you and your team to build, and even implement, a robust strategic plan for your business.

How we Create Business Strategy That Works

It is important that your strategy is built on strong foundations. Our strategy development process has been designed to ensure that each of the elements that make up these foundations is given the consideration that is deserves.

• Managing information, much of which is messy and complex

• Involving key people, each of whom will have a point of view that should be considered

• Gaining clear understanding of what needs to happen in order to attain your goals

• Identifying the key activities – actions and projects – that will move your business from where it is to where you want it to be

• Managing change both within the business and with other interested groups of stakeholders.

To achieve this, we provide a safe environment that encourages participation by everyone and ensure that we capture context as well as content. This enables us to identify goals, objectives, issues and actions that will help move your business forward.

Woking with us

All our services are tailored to meet your specific situation & requirements

Before starting start working on your business strategy project we will work with you to gain an understanding of your business, its issues and your requirements.

This enables us to agree the best way forward for your specific situation. For example, there are two ways that we gather strategic information – group workshops and individual interviews. The choice of which one we use will depend on many things, including the culture of the organisation, the amount of information that you want to obtain from the participants.

In addition, we will gain a clear understanding of what you want to achieve from the project. You may, for example, simply want to kick start the strategy creation process by generating the initial goals, objectives, issue and actions. Alternatively, you many want a fully developed strategic plan or something in between.

The answers to these questions will enables us to agree a project specification and a budget with you before we start working with you on your business strategy.

While working on your strategy project, there is a chance that unforeseen issues will arise that need to be dealt with but were not accounted for in the agreed original project specification. In these circumstances, we will work with you to agree on a revised budget for additional work before starting the work so that you will always know what your total investment will be.


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Products and Services

Business Planning & Strategy

Strategy Implementation

What use is a strategic plan if nothing actually happens in your organisation? We will work with you and your team to identify, create and implement they projects that will have the greatest impact on achieving your strategic objectives.

Price: £TBA

Business Planning

A business plan should not be something that you create to impress the bank or investors then stick in a drawer! Executing your business strategy is just as important as creating it. We will help you create business plans focused on attaining your goals

Price: £TBA

Business Strategy Development

We will help you create a strategic plan for your business by working with you and your key people to identify and agree upon the long-term vision and goals for your business as well as how you are going to achieve them.

Price: £TBA

Business Review

Business Audit & Review

Our business review process has been designed to identify and evaluate main ‘drivers' in your business to ensure they are aligned with your strategy and are working effectively. This ensures that your business has the capabilities to attain its goals

Price: £TBA

Brand Audit

Our Brand Audit process will assess how well your brand aligns with your organisation's goals, values and market position. Finally, it will examine what processes, procedures and formal protection you have in place to safeguard your brand.

Price: £TBA

Decision Support

Decision Support

Many business decisions involve a large amount of information and many variables, making the decision-making process difficult and frustrating. The tools & techniques that we use to develop strategy are equally effective when applied to complex decisions

Price: £TBA

Corporate Branding

Brand Creation

As a specialist Branding Agency, we understand how to create brands that work for your business. Our holistic approach to brand creation takes all of the elements that make up a brand into account, including your corporate goals, values and ethos.

Price: From £1497


Rebranding a business is the process of creating a fresh brand identity for a business that already has a brand. This is a serious step for any business to take so the reason for rebranding must be based on clear business needs & sound business strategy

Price: From £1497

Brand Application

It is important that the graphic design elements of your brand are integrated throughout your business – this is what we call the Visual Identity. The application of your brand will be driven by your market sector and your brand strategy

Price: From £997

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When I met Ian Brown of BIBD, we had been drifting along in the market with no clear idea of direction and even less idea of how to move forward. When I was introduced to Ian, I was very impressed with what he had to say but had the cynicism of a man that had met “consultants” before. Ian convinced me to at least try and see if it was for us – it was. I was very keen to ensure that each member of staff in the company was given an opportunity to have an input to the process. Ian designed the process to match my needs and introduced what can be a complex subject very light hearted and understandable. This certainly helped to ensure that all the staff got an opportunity to have their say. The method of input was just so easy and the relaxed atmosphere encouraged people to contribute their ideas and issues. Through this unique process, Ian helped my staff and me to develop a strategic plan for the company. Over that time we used the plan as a constant point of reference to help us to focus and move the business forward, which we have successfully achieved. We are now working with corporate clients in the construction industry who use our specialist expertise in lighting with building theatres, heritage centres, exhibition venues, etc. We have also extended the wok that we do in the events area. Having successfully implemented out original plan, I am not working with Ian again to help us move the business onto the next level. Ian is working with me on a regular basis, providing advice and support and helping me to further develop our strategy and also to implement the actions that we need to take in order to achieve our goals. Unlike many ‘consultants’ that I have worked with, Ian does not preach – instead, he works with me in a very supportive way, providing direction and advice where appropriate and encouraging me to take the actions that are required to make progress. Ian also provides me with a ‘sounding board’ for my ideas and issues, which I find very helpful. I would recommend BUBD to anyone who needs help to direction in an organisation and to uncover the issues involved and, importantly, to develop potential solutions and actions. I would also recommend him to Managing Director who feel they need a bit of support and advice while retaining control and authority in the organisation.

Gavin Stewart

I have worked with Ian Brown of BIBD (formally Komita Management) on two occasions over the past two years. Once in my role as Operations Director of a Confectionery company and again most recently in my role as Chief Executive of a Seafood company. The fact I returned for a second time with an unrelated business is testament to my view of Ian and the ‘Journey Making’ process. All too often businesses fail to completely review where it is they really want to go. This is often as a result of both time and from a fear of dealing with both complexities and potential differences of opinion. The ‘Journey Making’ process copes well with complexity and allows everyone to contribute fully in a very open and timely way. Finally, the clarity of what actions are required in order to fulfil strategic ambitions flow naturally from the process together with a sense of common purpose.

Ron Ferguson

I am a Chartered Accountant with over 50 years of post qualification experience in private practice, as a consultant and as a CFO. I believe that the process is the most robust planning system I have come across in all my years of producing corporate plans. I have worked with BIBD on many business plans each of which have been successfully financed and/or helped the business to successfully develop and implement strategic plans. I fully subscribe to the benefits of working with their processes. In addition, I would add that it captures and retains information which can be used to create and update strategic plans. It also provides the basis for review of actual outcomes compared with expectations and allows a higher level of participation for all levels of staff within the business.

Ian Steven

BIBD worked with our Board to help us to get a clear idea of where we want the business to be in five years time. The tools and techniques that he used certainly helped to focus our minds and to ultimately reach consensus about our goals and aspirations for the business. I subsequently asked them to work with our management team to help us to gain an understanding of how we can move the business forward in order to achieve the challenging goals that were set by the Board. They used a variety of tools and techniques, including interviewing each member of the management team individually, to identify many of the ways in which our goals can be achieved and also the challenges that we will have to overcome to attain our vision. I believe that this was an important part of the process because it helped to start the critical task of implementing our strategic plans. All too often businesses fail to implement the strategy that they devise for many reasons, including a lack of time and resources and also from a fear of dealing with both complexities and potential differences of opinion. We, therefore, felt that this was an important step in getting the ball rolling and in communicating our plans to the people who will play an important part in delivering them. The processes that Ian uses are certainly very powerful and have helped me to gain a better understanding of the key issues facing the business and, more importantly, how they might impact on our ambitions to grow the business. This helped me to focus on the important issues and to create action plans that will enable us to move our business from where it is to where we want it to be. I have no hesitation in recommending BIBD to anyone who wants to gain consensus about the future goals and objectives for their business and also to anyone who wants to involve the key people in their organisation with developing plans to help the company attain its objectives.

Donny Gillies

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