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We are a pest control service based in London.
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We can provide a pest control contract service for commercial customers where we will supply the customer with a pest control service book. This type of service involves regular inspections and a report on each visit with a callout facility for our pest control service.
We offer a full range of services, ranging from small local projects to major national work, and everything in between.
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Bed bugs are found worldwide and are particularly associated with budget hotel accommodation in large cities. They are perhaps the most distressing of all insect infestations on account of the itchiness and swelling associated with their bites.
Bed bugs can be very difficult to eradicate however control may be achieved by the use of powerful broadband insecticides. Such insecticides are only available for professional use. Therefore, unless the infestation is minimal, the use of a reputable professional pest control company is advisable. When spraying with insecticide particular attention is paid to the bed frames, skirting boards, wall switches and any cracks or crevices in which the bedbugs are likely to be hiding.
It is extremely important to recognise that the eradication of bedbugs is not achieved immediately after a course of treatment. The bed bugs hide deep within harbourages in inaccessible areas. Therefore the bed bug will only come into contact with the insecticide when it emerges to feed. The bed bug will only emerge to feed if it senses the presence of a blood meal. It is the carbon dioxide that humans exhale coupled with the warmth of the body that draws the bedbug out of its harbourage. For this reason it is recommended that people sleep in affected rooms after they have been treated. Otherwise the bedbug will not emerge from its harbourage and so will not come into contact with the insecticide.


There are over 4000 different species of cockroach, of which only 12 have become adapted to the human environment. The two most common species found in this country are the Oriental cockroach and the German cockroach.
Cockroaches can be eradicated using broadband insecticides, which are only available for professional use. It is very important that you prepare the property appropriately before spraying; empty all kitchen cupboards and pull all furniture away from the walls. Furthermore it is important that you keep all foodstuffs in sealed plastic containers and empty dustbins regularly.


The house mouse is believed to have originated in the steppes of Central Asia, and was first discovered in this country as early as the 9th century.
Problems with house mice may occur despite the best efforts of householders. Control can be achieved through the use of poison baits or traps. It is very important that the pesticides are used in accordance with the instructions so that treatment is undertaken both safely and effectively. Rodent bodies and unused poison should either be burnt or buried to minimise the risk of accidental poisoning.


This is the wasp which we mostly come into contact with depending where you live. In the picture above, the wasp on the left is the male; the one in the middle the queen and on the right is the worker. Different species of wasp can be identified by their mask, (shown above the queen in the picture above), and the markings on their abdomen. The face usually has an anchor mark and the malar space (the distance between the eye and the jaw) is very short. Antennae are black at the base. Thoracic stripes are parallel sided. Four yellow spots at the rear of the thorax. Nests in holes in the ground and buildings; paper yellowish and formed into shell like plates on the outside.


There are over 8000 different species of ant, the Pharaoh ant being the only one considered to be of significance in terms of public health. The term Pharaoh ant was first used by the eighteenth century biologist Carl Linnaeus, who associated the ants with the biblical plagues of Egypt. Pharaoh ants are tropical in origin and found mainly in large heated buildings in this country.
Pharaoh ants can be extremely difficult to eradicate, but control can be achieved by the use of juvenile growth hormone analogues. These chemicals mimic the action of juvenile growth hormone (produced naturally be the ants) and prevent the larvae from developing as well as sterilising the queens and winged males. The use of ant powders or insecticides (Raid) is strongly discouraged as this will encourage the formation of satellite nests.


Feral Pigeons have thrived in our cities by adapting to life, learning to roost and breed in the seemingly inhospitable environment provided by tall buildings, and to survive on the food available. Feral pigeons are sometimes called "the flying rat" - adapted to living and causing a nuisance in the borough. Over recent years there has been a marked increase in the numbers of Feral (wild) Pigeons.
One of the most effective methods of limiting the size of flocks is by controlling feeding. Limitation of food availability will, by natural means, reduce breeding rates and discourage influx of pigeons from other areas.
The Council usually does not:

shoot birds, for reasons of public safety;poison or bait birds, because it is not possible to guarantee that we can comply with our legal obligation to ensure that other animals are not inadvertently harmed;trap birds, because this is ineffective and costly.


Foxes first colonised our cities in the 1930s. The low density housing, with relatively large gardens provided an ideal habitat for foxes in which they increased in numbers. Most cities in southern England have urban foxes and the fox population is now stable, contrary to popular opinion. There is in fact no distinction between urban and rural foxes.
To prevent foxes from entering a garden fencing should have a substantial overhang and be buried 30cms or so into the soil to prevent foxes both jumping over and burrowing underneath. The use of repellent sprays such as Renardine, which is widely available from garden centres, will also discourage foxes. If foxes have already made a home in your garden then the application of a repellent around the entrance and exit to the earth (foxes invariably have both a front and back door) will encourage the foxes to relocate.


Rats are believed to have originated in the grain stores of Asia and China from whence they migrated to Europe and the rest of the world. There are two species of rats commonly found in this country: the black rat (also known as the roof rat or ship rat); and the brown rat (also known as the sewer rat or Norway rat). It is referred to as the Norway rat as it is believed to have arrived in this country via Norwegian timber ships.
It is widely believed that the rat population is increasing although there is no evidence to substantiate this. However it is important to realise that urban areas provide an ideal environment for rats providing both shelter and food. Therefore it is extremely important to ensure that all refuse is disposed of carefully. This particularly applies to foodstuffs although a pile of discarded timber or an unwanted piece of furniture can provide shelter for a colony of rats. The eradication of an active rodent infestation is not difficult to achieve using widely available second-generation rodenticides.



super efficient at getting rid of naughty bees




I contacted this company to sort out a beehive under my roof. They handled the matter very quickly and professionally. In 30 mins, it was all done and they left the place clean.

AS Henry-Eude - 19/11/2008 | report this review

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pest control




Hi Reg, Thank you very much for agreeing to write up your report on what you saw (or didn't see) at my flat and where the alleged bedbugs may have come from, as per our conversation, where you mentioned it was very possible they may have come from the boxes under the mattress. Thanks once again, Josh Feldberg The Social Investment Consultancy

desmond walcott - 16/10/2008 | report this review

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